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Welcome Ashley!

So check it out. Since I messaged you this afternoon I have already put together this decent looking website!

Pretty cool Huh?

From your perspective it appears I was able to this in a matter of minutes.  However, in reality the last 7 months of my life have been a constant dedication to my grind.

I have spent countless hours “tweaking this” and “signing up” for programs to get me to where I am today.

I have hit hundreds of walls and dead ends but I have persisted to push through all of the pitfalls.

What has kept me so motivated to learn these crafts?

Well to start I want to make a lot of money and I also want Freedom to work where I choose.

In addition, the Global Job Market is going to drastically change in the next 5 years. Automation is going to replace Millions of Jobs.

I want out of these shitty jobs AND I want to position myself with the most Valuable Assets I can learn in order to help other people and businesses.

Through my research and personal interests the path I am choosing for myself is Web Development and Copywriting.

I believe both of these will hold value for years to come.

(Currently as you read this I am practicing my copy writing techniques.)

Copy Writing holds it’s value because it is Universal to All businesses.  The ability to sell is the number one most important Asset you can possess in your personal arsenal.

Following this information trail I reveal later in this article will open your eyes to how so many businesses and brands fail to understand how to reach their customers. You will also easily spot those who possess this power.

I am not an expert at Copy Writing. I am a novice. But I want to share with you what I know. To me this is practice. To you it could be life changing.

Here is my first tip I learned.

Copy writing should be written at about a fifth grade level. 

The reason for this is that you should never confuse the customer. Your points must be so easy to understand that your possible customer has no way of fucking it up.

Also, your customer may not be able to read above a fifth grade level. Hard to believe but this is fact.

Ronnie Sandlin, whom I will leave links to later in this article, mentions that he has tried to read Roald Dahl to perfect this type of elementary writing.


Many people associate ads as bullshit. I am one of them. You are too.

The beauty of a brilliant copywriter is that you have no idea they are pitching you.  I learned this from Ronnie and John Crestani and they teach advertorials as a means to their success.


Tip 3

Don’t be afraid to sell. Selling happens everyday no matter what. The negative stigma with selling is nonsense. Mastering how to come across as not salesy and to invoke emotion to solve a problem is the name of the game.

Ok back to reality!

Sorry if that all seemed a bit salesy. I’m still learning!

Craig Clemens (who wrote that article I sent yesterday) mentioned that Eben Pagan asked him to write 10 pages of sales copy a day! Therefore I need practice to step my game up if I’m ever going to reach that kind of success.

Here is Craig Clemens on PodCast:

You can listen to the whole podcast (1 hour) to hear Craig and his whole Rags to Riches story with Eben Pagan. I recommend skipping to about 38 minutes to save time. Around the 40 minute mark he just rips off some copy from the top of his head and it’s mind blowing.

Next up will be Ronnie Sandlin.

Ronnie is about to do a product launch called The Hidden School of Knowledge. I believe he is charging 3000$! That should give you an idea of the value copywriting has.

Part of what they do is give free nuggets. They give awesome value for free but never release all the info. The idea, Pay Attention, is that if you give such good information for free what the Fuck is in that Product! I gotta have it.

Here is Ronnie Sandlin in a Webinar with John Crestani

I am going to  recommend the whole video. I know its long but the guy is FIRE. He can talk out loud about copy writing so easily its amazing. He gives such good information it will blow your mind.

Craig Clemens insider  (10 Minutes)

Above link is a cool video from a guy who made a series about successful people. I think it is all around copywriters not sure.

Next head to Instagram (hopefully you have an account).

Follow Natalia Kern she is the wife of Frank Kern.

Follow both of them. Natalia is releasing some product for women right now. Read her pitches they are amazing. They make me want to be a women so I could join her offer.

Frank Kern is who got me started in all this. He is the KING. Not to take from Natalia but I think her current pitch is so gripping due in part to her being married to the KING.


Okay that is it for now! I hope you find Value in this information.

You may be wondering why I am giving you all this information.

I am using 2 techniques.

  1. The law of reciprocity, (which applies in EVERY culture on the face of the earth), simply explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back.

In my personal copy writing journey I may need proofreading and point of view help. You have already Proved your Value. I am on a shoestring budget and a novice. I can’t offer much if any money to start and maybe for some time to come. But if I do see success and you see initiative and I give you reason to believe in me I want to bring you along with me as I progress.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier copy writing is universal. You can volunteer to do the advertising for any job you work. It will add Value to any business.

2. I am practicing a contrarian method to success I recently learned. It goes something like this. If you have keys or tips to success many people initially believe they must guard this information by not telling anyone.

This seems like the right thing to do. Save your piece of the pie. Don’t let others take it.

But many successful people claim the opposite. Give it away. Let them know. I want you to be able to be a writer. (if thats a dream of yours). So I have given you some great ideas that literally millions of people who are blogging would love to have their hands on.

I have joined many groups on facebook to analyze what the mentality of the people is online. I joined the 2 largest Facebook Groups about Blogging. Everyday there are numerous posts from Bloggers asking how to “Monetize” their blog.

You can research that yourself if you want. Take my word everyday “how do I monetize?” they ask.

I could tell them but it would take at least 7 months working 10 hours a day with no pay.

There is no way one can give away all the secrets for free. As I mentioned earlier Ronnie is doing this for 3000$.

I know he makes bank. I want it to. I may be a fool or I am just getting closer.


I like the name of this site I created. It can be used to promote many different Health or Wealth avenues.

For now I’ll just update with Links or other new things I come across. I’ll notify you if I update.

I may add a pop up that asks for email. That could be a good way we could communicate and I could bounce ideas off you.

For now you can email me at: hckeller@gmail.com.

Lemme know what you think! Your feedback would be great.

P.P.S For now don’t go sharing this information.









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